Random Questions with Waffles on Wednesdays

Lego Leslie Knope
I always think of this Leslie Knope quote whenever I read Waffles on Wednesdays.

MSF Preamble

I’m really excited to bring you today’s installment of Random Questions. If you aren’t familiar with Waffles on Wednesday, you are in for a treat! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

This husband and wife blogging duo not only has one of my favorite site names but a fittingly awesome story behind it. And in the same way, it’s impossible to regret ordering a waffle, it’s even less likely you’ll regret stopping by their site.

The WoW’s launched their blog in October of 2016 and Mrs. WoW immediately started dropping pearls of wisdom on the readers. Including this gem from their very first post, “Minimalism is a way of life, permeating through all aspects of it.” 

Not to be outdone, Mr. WoW shares the benefits of his own financial crusades with humorous and kinky spin. I have a feeling more people would sign up for the 401k info sessions at their work if they involved gimps and ball gags.

I could easily go on and mention one great post after another, but I’ll let you see for yourself just how enjoyable the WoW’s actually are. The responses below should give you a glimpse of what to expect on this fun loving couples site. Enjoy!

1) Who are you?

Mr. Wow – I’m Mr. Wow. I’m the husband part of the husband and wife team that makes up WafflesOnWednesday. I’m a mechanical engineer by training, and a data/BI analyst by trade. I like to ride my bike, run and sometimes swim, occasionally all at once. I
also love to cook, it’s my job to cook the meals in our family. I also enjoy
photography and traveling. I coach youth lacrosse and have for many years, both
boys and girls every age from 5-6th grade through college. This is starting to
sound a bit like a dating profile, so I’m going to stop while I’m ahead.

Mrs. Wow– I”m the better half of the waffle household. I am a pediatric occupational
therapist and run my own private practice. Yep, I can honestly say that I LOVE my
job. In my free time, I like to garden, ride horses, go scuba diving and most of all
travel. I am a travel nut and hate to be tied down to one place.

2) What are you passionate about?

Mr. Wow – I love learning new things. I’m fascinated by figuring out how things work
and understanding the meaning behind stuff. As of right now, I’m really trying to
get a good grasp on web development, so I’m spending a lot of free time doing that.
And Flags, I like flags. (inside joke, just ask)

Mrs. Wow– It’s going to sound cliche but I am super passionate about my job. I love
helping little kiddos and their families, as well as mentoring students and
volunteers. I am also super passionate about volunteering with medical missions and
helping people across the globe. I actually just returned from a trip to Peru and
am already planning my next one.

3) What song to you want played at your funeral?

Mr. Wow – I honestly think it’s going to have to be “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor.
I just love the delicious irony of it.

4) Who’s your favorite comedian?

Mr. Wow – I don’t know if he would qualify technically as a Comedian, but I love
Stephen Colbert. John Oliver is a pretty close second.

Mrs. Wow– I don’t play favorites!

5) What are you insecure about?

Mrs. Wow– I’m always a little insecure about saying the wrong thing. Not gonna lie,
but having this blog is definitely a good test for me. To this day, I have the
hardest time hitting the publish button.

6) Tell us something your readers don’t know about you?

Mr. Wow – I moved across the country sight unseen as an experiment. I’ve been there
for 13 years now. I’d say it was a success.

Mrs. Wow– I am not in any way, shape or form a runner, but I have ran two full
marathons. I cursed every step of the way.

7) What are you afraid of?

Mr. Wow – I’m terrified of needles, I hate Shots!!!!! I get clammy and my blood
pressure rises just thinking about it.

MSF Note: I hear Physician on Fire is a magician with needles.

8) What are you looking forward to most in the next 12 months?

Mr. Wow – I’m really looking forward to going to Chautauqua in Ecuador in October.
I’m really excited to meet everyone and spend a week with them in Ecaudor. I’m also
excited to return to Ibarra, since it will be exactly 2 years since we were last

Mrs. Wow– Ecuador, Cambodia, Honduras, South Africa all of the above! Did I mention I love to travel?

9) Why did you start the blog?

Mr. Wow – We had started the Journey towards FI a few years back. After my accident,
we just wanted to really tell our story. We read a ton of the other blogs, and we
felt we had a little different take on some things. It also gave us an outlet to
get some of the stuff off our chests. We couldn’t really talk about our FIRE plans
with most of our friends, and quite frankly we got tired of telling each other about
it, so we needed someone else to tell.

Mrs. Wow– What he said. And I used to love writing when I was younger, so I said
“Sure, I’ll help.”

10) Which post are you most proud of and why?

Mr. Wow – Mine has to be, “Going on a Bike Ride – Part 1“. Kind of weird, but it’s
the first one that I published so it really started me to talk about our life, and
let the world into what we were dealing with. Getting hit by a car on a bicycle is
something that I don’t wish on anyone, but it kind of kicked our butts into gear.

MSF Note – Be sure to read Mrs. WoW’s side of the story.

Mrs. Wow– Actually, I am most proud of a post I am currently working on. Having just
returned from a life changing event, I can not wait to share my experience with the
readers (edit: it may be posted by the time this gets posted).

11) How is blogging different than you expected?

Mr. Wow – There are two things that stand out to me that are different than I expected.

1) Blogging is a lot more work than I originally anticipated. The posts take
quite a bit of time, and most of mine are just kind of stream of consciousness,
without a whole lot of research. But, it’s a lot of work to get it all up and
running. There’s a big learning curve as well, to get all the technical stuff

2) Blogging is a lot more fun than I expected. Despite all the effort involved,
it’s actually quite enjoyable. It’s something that the Mrs and I work on and
gives us something we enjoy doing together. We’re also really excited to join
this community of bloggers they are the most fun part of it all!

Mrs. Wow– It takes a lot of time, something that I don’t always have a lot of.
Ahem, you’ll notice that most of our recent posts have been from Mr.Wow.

12) What unique skill do you have?

Mr. Wow – Well, I can roll a quarter down my stomach.

Mrs. Wow– I”m pretty good at juggling a soccer ball. (FYI, I just learned about this
whole quarter thing from the Mr, he’s been holding out on me)

13) What is your favorite book that doesn’t pertain to the topic you discuss?

Mr. Wow – I had a really rough time answering this, because there are some many for
different occasions. Most influential? Most interesting? Most Entertaining? So
I’ll just stick with what I’m reading currently. It’s called “Critical Mass” by
Phillip Ball. It’s pretty fascinating, it’s all about how human interactions
actually follow the laws of physics. For instance, traffic is fairly predictable
when you apply the laws of fluid mechanics and phase transformations. And cities
grow in a similar pattern to bacteria cultures. Really makes you think about how
much free will we humans actually have.

Mrs. Wow– Still Alice by Lisa Genova, for sure! This book is what got me back into
reading after I experienced a reading overdose during grad school. I even got to
meet her and listen to how she came to write this book. Fascinating!

14) Dog or Cat person?

Mr. Wow – neither – I’m allergic to both.

Mrs. Wow– Both! I love animals and had cats and dogs and horses growing up.
Unfortunately, those days are over. Graciously, Mr. Wow said I could get a snake if
I wanted, think I’ll pass on that.

15) What celebrity have you been told you look like?

Mr. Wow – I’ve been told I look like Jason Statham, the guy from the Transporter. A
more round, less British version of him.

MSF Note: That’s a Jason Statham doppelgänger 2 months in a row

Mr. Wow– Some have said Reese Witherspoon, but mostly Julia Stiles. I agree with
Julia Stiles.

MSF Note – My Sons Mother used to get compared to Julia Stiles a lot as well. 

16) What famous person have you met?

Mr. Wow – Let’s go with persons. When I was a kid, my dad would get me tickets to the
Washington Redskins game with the Cowboys every year. And since his secretary was
dating one of the players, we got to go in the locker room. The last year they won
the SuperBowl I got to meet a lot of the team. Darryl Green, Earnest Byner, Mark
Rypen, Art Monk. Man, I was in heaven.

Mrs. Wow– Umm well, I work with someone regularly, but I can’t tell you as I signed a contract not to. Even the Mr doesn’t know. But rest assured, they’re pretty

17) Write a Haiku about your blog: 5-7-5

Mr. Wow

Waffles are coming
On Wednesday we will feast
FIRE will set us free

Mrs. Wow 

FI life is the best
To do what one wants, no buts
Waffles are good too

18) Random Question?

What are your plans once you reach your goals?

Mr. Wow – I really want to brew my own beer and cure my own bacon. We’ve started
brewing beer. It wasn’t awful for a first shot, we’re about to do our second batch.
The bacon part is a little more involved and complex. So I’m hoping to have a
little more time to invest in that before I give that a shot. It will happen, then
who knows. Maybe we’ll open a brewery and bacon shop. Sounds delightful!

Mrs. Wow– I want to go live in other countries for months at a time, really immerse
myself in other cultures and experiences. I want to continue volunteering and
helping kiddos and their families around the world. I also plan to eat some really
bad bacon and drink some really bad beer, at the beginning anyway.

19) Random Question #2?

Leslie Knope Lego
Last one I promise!

What is your favorite breakfast?

Mrs. Wow– Eggs and bacon with Chalula, done and done!

Mr. Wow– French Toast and Sausage. Funny, neither of us answered waffles. HA

MSF Note – Chalula is a hot sauce brand (had to look this one up.) 

20) Name three most influential days in your life?

Mr. Wow

1) 9/4/04 – I pack my bags and leave for the west coast. Starting a new
life from scratch, not really knowing what to expect.

2) 6/1/11 – The Mrs and I go on our first date. I didn’t know it at the
time. Whether it’s a good influence or bad, remains to be seen, but my life
has definitely changed since that day. At current time it’s definitely for
the better.

3) 10/19/16 – I get smacked by a car on my way home from work riding my
bicycle. Wake up the next morning with a severe headache and no
recollection of the incident, but otherwise unscathed. It gave us some
pause, and really cemented that we need to both prepare for the future, and
enjoy life at the same time. It also made us really consider what we truly
value in life.

Mrs. Wow 

1) 8/24/2014- This day was the day MrWow and I left for our 6 week honeymoon
trek through Europe. What was supposed to be the trip of a life time has turned
into a life time of trips.

2) 2/17/2015- It was the day my company became real. Since then I have
realized my true passions and have been able to pursue them without limits.

3) Spring-ish 2016- I can’t remember the exact day, but after months of
MrWow filling my inbox with blog posts, I finally jumped on the FIRE train
and haven’t looked back since.

MSF Wrap Up

I cannot thank Mr. & Mrs. WoW enough for taking the time to take on Random Questions challenge. I hope you enjoyed reading their responses as much as I did. If you haven’t already checked them out, below are a few links that might help you connect with them.

Website: www.wafflesonwednesday.com
Twitter: @wafflesonwed
Facebook: @wafflesonwed


  1. Now I’m hungry and thirsty. Thanks, Mr & Mrs Wow for sharing some of your story. Love the humor. And thanks MSF for sharing it.

    1. I actually have a football that is signed by that entire team. It was a gift from the guy my dad knew. It’s pretty fantastic, and a cherished possession!

  2. That’s an amazing story about your accidental wake up call, Mr. Wow. And Mrs. Wow, I’ve not known many people who love their job. Fantastic! That allows for more patience and more enjoyment on your journey to FIRE.

    1. Thanks, it certainly helps to solidify what we are working toward. And MrsWow is certainly extremely lucky to have found a job she is passionate about. It does seem to take the edge off…. at least for her.

    2. I am truly lucky that I genuinely love my job, especially because I just happened upon it nearly a decade ago and jumped into a graduate program based on knowing very little about the profession at the time. Thanks for stopping by Mrs. G!

  3. Great interview. I have done a few for different bloggers, it’s always thought provoking. I just left my W2 job a year ago, and am now 100% FIRE’d and living on passive income.

    1. That’s awesome! Congrats on your newfound freedom. If you ever have any interest in taking on the Random Questions Challenge, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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