The Ultimate Social Media Strategy for Blogging

Lego Leslie Knope, twitter mottoHow’s that title for click bait? Well, I plan on sticking with the click bait tradition, over promise with the title and under deliver with the content. A few days ago, I passed the 6-month mark for this blog and while I don’t intend to write a lot about blogging, I thought I’d mark the occasion by outlining my social media strategy.

After first starting this blog, I had a brief conflict of conscience after getting a taste of fame. Okay, I had 5 people visit my site, but it was 5 more than I was expecting. And it turned out to be rather addicting.

So I did what all other bloggers have done before me and looked into how I can promote my blog. Before getting into what I learned, I should give you a bit of background on pre-blogging me.

I’ve never been into social media. I’m not a fan of Facebook and have never held an account. I had some vague awareness of Instagram and Pinterest, but neither really interested me. The only platform I had used before was Twitter and I had maybe sent 2 tweets in the 3 years I had been using it. So as the kids would say, social media was not my jam.

I should also admit that my social media strategy doesn’t involve me chasing clicks. At first, I opened a Pinterest account with the intention of getting Facebook up and running shortly thereafter. But as it turns out Pinterest is a tough nut to crack. And I’m glad that it was because it forced me to evaluate what I was doing.

I have no doubt I could have figured out Pinterest had I given it enough time. But I was using it simply as a way to promote my blog. I didn’t enjoy the experience in any way. I was pinning and following not out of personal interest or enjoyment, but out of hopes that I’d land a few extra clicks that day.

This is the longest preamble ever…get to the strategy already!

Okay, let’s start with a basic big picture overview of my plan.

Step 1 – Write Content I Enjoy

I’d say write great content, but I don’t think you can consider what I do here great by any stretch of the imagination, so we’ll stick with content I enjoy.

This step is critical for two reasons. First, if I enjoy writing it, I’m going to keep writing it. If I don’t, I’ll eventually give up. Second, if I enjoy it, then maybe others will enjoy it too.

Step 2 – Have Fun Marketing my Content

As it turns out Twitter is the only social media platform that I enjoy. It is likely that my myopic use of twitter before starting a blog has resulted in this outcome. As I get further into this whole blogging thing, I may branch out. But for now, twitter is my sole dance partner, because twitter is the only platform I really enjoy.

So if my social media strategy is to do what I enjoy, here is what the implementation of that strategy looks like: be a good human being.

Positivity hurts my soulBe Positive

There is an abundance of negatively on social media. I have no interest in adding to the chorus of negative Nelly’s who troll social media looking for something to crap on.

I have worked hard to cultivate an optimistic outlook in my own life and I want my social media presence to be an extension of that work. The more I practice positivity the more positive I become.

Be Encouraging

If you are driven enough to create something and brave enough to put it out there for all to see, you deserve to be encouraged. I’ve had so many people encourage me along the way and it has made a huge difference in my blogging life.

It takes very little effort to be supportive, yet before I became a blogger I almost never did it. Now that I’ve been on the receiving end of those encouraging words, I try to do it as frequently as possible. I know the difference it can make and I plan on paying that forward whenever possible.

Be Helpful

One of the core goals of my social media strategy is to help others as much as possible. This could simply mean sending some words of encouragement or retweeting a post.

But it also has meant giving a blogger a heads up when something doesn’t look right on their site. And sending a personal e-mail as a follow up to a particularly personal post offering support and suggestions.

My goal is to help where I can in whatever ways I can.

Be Generous

I’ve been the beneficiary of so much generosity from the blogging community. They’ve given me support, encouragement, and time. If it wasn’t for other bloggers, I’m convinced my wife would be the only person reading my blog.

My hope is to be equally generous with my time and social media footprint. I know there will be a time where I’ll have to set boundaries for myself and will need to say no, but my goal is to say yes far more often than I say no.

Have Fun

If you are new to this site, welcome, I’m glad that you are here. Poke around and see what it’s all about. If you’re a regular reader or if you follow me on twitter, you know that I try to have as much fun with this as possible.

So what exactly does fun mean?

  • Meeting new people (as an introvert, I find the virtual platform far easier to connect with others).
  • If you thought Lego figures were plentiful on my site, you should really check out my twitter feed.
  • Witty banter with some of my best twitter friends, like Fritz over at Retirement Manifesto.
  • Maybe the occasional sarcastic tweet, but only in the most positive way possible.
  • Sharing things that are either meaningful or humorous to me.

Final Thoughts

So what is the ultimate social media strategy? To deliver enjoyable (and maybe even informative) content in fun packaging. I recognize that if your goal is to grow your blog quickly or monetize it, this social media strategy isn’t for you. You’ll want to be on Pinterest and Facebook and all of the other platforms.

But if you are like me and this whole blogging thing isn’t about money or fame, then the best advice I can give you is focus on your content and have fun on social media.

To see the kind of hijinks that goes on over on my twitter account, consider following me? I’d love to make your virtual acquaintance.

Let me know how you use social media? Am I missing out by not being on Facebook and Pinterest or should I stick to what I love?


  1. Honest post as always! Maybe a coincidence, but having the same background and goals I decided going with this approach too (an hour before) 😉 Tried to dive into other platforms but it felt like “WTF am I doing here?” so got back to the bluebird of happiness.

    1. Thanks, Peter! It does seem like twitter is the platform of choice for a lot of personal finance bloggers. If I’m not already following you on twitter let me know what your twitter name is and I’ll be sure to give you a follow?

      1. Thanks for asking. No content yet, but almost finished setup. Hopefully will start publishing next week. You can check out: @_haltcatchfire

  2. Hey MSF! I can def relate to trying to figure out how to promote the blog on social media. I’ve used FB, IG, and Pinterest before starting my blog. Trying to use them for blogging is completely different than using them for fun. So while I agree it’s addicting to see the numbers grow in my analytics, it can be very underwhelming when they don’t. Lol. So Omar and I have to remind ourselves we’re doing this as a hobby because we like it and to help others. Anything extra is just that… Extra.

    And by the way, I love the title for this post. I knew I had to check it out because I remember you saying that you only really liked Twitter. So I had to come see what your new ultimate social media strategy is. And I would have to say that I agree with it!

    1. Thanks, Kim! Totally agree that growing the blog’s traffic is secondary, but can feel primary if you follow the analytics too closely.

      My titles are usually pretty boring, I know I have to step up my game in this area, but I always worry about getting too click baity. I appreciate you checking it out!

  3. MSF, you’re the “givingest” blogger that I follow, and I can totally tell that you’re genuine and upfront. No hidden agendas behind anything you do! Thanks for being a bright spot in this sometimes dark and troublesome internet.

    And, I should mention that I dig your social media strategy. Being a few years past the Millennial generation, social media isn’t something I’m into. I, like you, do enjoy Twitter – so if I ever start up my blog, I’ll be following your strategy!

  4. Stick with what you love! At least for now anyway. Not that I’m an expert as I’ve only be doing this as long as you, but I do think more than one platform is difficult when you’ve limited time and energy to devote to social media. (Man, that Fritz guy gets all the love.)

    1. Thanks, Amy! Maybe it’s because I’m a guy and multitasking isn’t in my wheel house, but I can’t imagine trying to keep track of multiple social media platforms.

  5. I’ve always heard it’s best to completely “master” one platform before moving on to the next. Beyond that, I’m 100% with you – if you’re not enjoying using it, it seems like a terrible way to spend your time and energy. I’ve dipped into Pinterest, G+, and others but just can’t seem to find the excitement. So, I’m retreating to twitter so I can spend more of my energy there and get back to actually interacting a bit 🙂

    1. Thanks Chris! Part of what makes Twitter such an enjoyable platform for me is that so many PF bloggers are so active on it. Looking forward to seeing more of you around the twittersphere!

  6. Do what you love and enjoy!

    I haven’t really monetized my blog, yet. I do have a few affiliate links but I did them for a few products that I use and love. Haven’t even checked to see if I’ve earned anything as I don’t really care. I’m blogging to help others. Plus, I love the community! It’s pretty awesome.

    I despise using Facebook but post to it since I started using Instagram. Almost NO engagement or reach on Facebook unless you knock it out of the park with viral content (it seems). Google+ is all but forgotten. I just started using Pinterest and noticed that it’s not easy to gain followers. However, people more readily view and pin your content. The reach is much bigger. I’m going to go all in on Pinterest before the end of the year.

    1. I’ve heard some bloggers swear by Pinterest as it seems to be a platform designed for people interested in reading blogs. I just wasn’t savvy enough to figure out how to use it effectively and didn’t enjoy the process of trying to figure it out. I hope you are able to crack the code!

  7. To be completely honest, I actually almost didn’t read your post because of the title (don’t be mad). But then I realized that since it’s coming from you, the post will be way better than what the title implies so I read it. And I am glad I did. I definitely had the same progression after starting our blog. I began reading post after post about “how to write the best blogs” or coming up with the perfect title and then even started to consider about adding more social media platforms. I quickly realized that wasn’t me and also not what I wanted to do. I agree that writing about what you want to write about is really the answer to how to write the best post. You keep doing your thing over there MSF and I will continue to read your brilliant posts, even when the title falls a little short ;o)

    1. Serves me right for going with such a clickbaity title, glad you decided to check it out anyway. I need to work on finding a middle ground between click bait titles and uninspired titles. Definitely an area for development. 🙂

  8. I going to do a post kind of similar to yours next week for my 2 month mark. I’m mainly a Twitter guy too with some Instagram as well. Facebook and Pinterest are the two I have not touched yet for my blog, maybe down the line but not now.
    Just do what you like, have fun, and enjoy the experience.

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