Rumors of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

If you are one of the few hardcore MSF readers, you may have wondered where I’ve been over the last month. (Thanks to Chrissy, HCF, and Mrs. Groovy for the e-mails, it helped get me back to the keyboard.) I had planned on taking a couple of weeks off of blogging but enjoyed the newfound freedom so much that a couple of weeks turned into six.

But it’s time to get back to the grind, with one or two changes. First, I don’t plan on writing as frequently. As much as I have like having a consistent weekly blogging schedule it has become increasingly hard to keep up with. I’ll likely publish more when I have more time and less frequently when my time is consumed by other endeavors.

The second change will be spending less time on the peripherals of blogging. Unfortunately, this means less Lego artwork this year, probably a few more grammatical errors, and sadly less time on twitter. I’ll do my best to keep up with these aspects of my blog, but I’ll likely be practicing the adage of ‘better done than perfect.’

Since I’ve been off the radar for a while, I thought this would be a good post to give you a few updates on some of the key areas I write about. 

Health Updates

It’s never a good idea to disappear from the blogosphere, but it is even worse when one of your last posts touts that you are at high risk for having a heart attack. While my disappearance did have something to do with my health, it wasn’t because I had fallen ill.

On the contrary, I have been spending a lot more time focusing on getting healthy and I’ve been relatively successful. I dropped around 20 pounds and was able to successfully run a 5k.

However, since Christmas, I’ve slid back into some old eating habits. Sugar and candy specifically is my weakness. I’ve kept up with the running, but have gained 5 pounds back. Each day I vow to get back on track and each day I fail to follow through.

Financial Updates

2017 was a good year financially. We hit most of the financial goals I set at the beginning of the year.

I’ve been putting a lot more thought into adding a monthly net worth update to this blog. I remain on the fence.

One of the financial goals I continue to fail to hit is to start college savings accounts for our boys. It is on the top of my to-do list for 2018, so hopefully writing about it here will create some accountability to actually get it done.

Minimalism Update

Christmas saw an influx of new things into our house. This influx combined with my own laxness with my own minimalism journey has definitely caused a step back in this area.

Interestingly, I’ve noticed a strong connection between my productivity and health and how closely I’m adhering to the tenants of minimalism. The more invested I am in minimalism the healthier I am and the more productive I tend to be.

Parenting Update

Not much of an update here. I continue to try and balance the demands of school and life and the enjoyment of my kids, but overall feel good about where things are. Both boys are excelling in school, and much to my surprise, they both are diligent about getting their homework done each night.

My 8-year-old is beginning to show signs of what his teenage years might be like, but they are only minor tremors at this point.

Final Thoughts

The overall State of The Union is strong in the MSF household. There are some areas in which I’ve veered off course, but I think generally speaking I’m trending in the right direction.


  1. It is good to know that you are healthy and alive 🙂 I had serious doubts. And yes, maybe mentioning the heart attack risk helped a little bit to our fantasies.

    By the way, please correct my name, if HTC is anything like Apple they could sue me for stealing it 🙂 And I got already used to HCF 😉

    1. Sorry about the acronym error, it has now been corrected. I appreciate you checking in, I hope you got my e-mail back, I’ve switched over to a new e-mail account as I’ve been having issues with previous one.

  2. Welcome back, MSF! My journey’s going about the same way. Lots of fits and starts (and U-turns), but I think I’m generally heading in the right direction. I can live without the legos, but grammatical errors?! Wait, switch that… Need more legos!

    1. Thanks CC! I think the stock market is a good analogy for the rest of life, plenty of ups and downs, but generally trending in the upwards direction. Loved your last post by the way, I’ve never had much luck picking individual stocks, yet for some reason I keep going back to it.

  3. Hooray! What a relief to see that you’re back, MSF. I was seriously worried, and am glad that everything is a-OK.

    As an aspiring blogger, I find your explanation oddly comforting. I know I’d also find it very challenging to keep up with a regular blogging schedule. It’s refreshing to find another blogger who isn’t focused on growth and doing everything the “right” way (ie you must blog X times a week and keep it consistent or else your readers will forget about you).

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts as they come. Great to know you’re back!

    1. Thanks Chrissy, I really appreciate you reaching out! I think if there is a game plan for how to make your blog successful I am probably doing the opposite. But as you said, it’s not really my goal. I’m glad you are still aspiring 🙂

  4. Not gonna lie, I had also been concerned that we hadn’t heard from you in awhile. Glad that everything is going well and congrats on the weight loss and running the 5k. A bunch of bloggers and FIRE people are running (and I’ll definitely be doing a lot of walking too) a 1/2 marathon in Portland at the end of March if you want to partake. So I’m a little sad that the legos are getting voted off the island, but if that means we’ll hear from you a little more, then I’ll take it!

  5. I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of minimalism for myself and our family and the first thing I think of is–what about all these toys laying around my house?? We got hit pretty hard at Christmas too with new “stuff”.
    I have heard of the idea of buying your children experiences and not toys, but when that little musical light up thing buys me 10 minutes of a breather from my 1 year old twins…I’m not so sure that I can give that up!

    1. I think with 1 year old twins the focus should be on buying yourself some much needed time. This will get easier as they get older. I’m thinking of putting together a minimalism Christmas post at the end of this year, but it might be a few years before you can get some use out of it. 🙂

      I appreciate you reading and commenting!

  6. Hey welcome back MSF!! Thought you were off this whole time celebrating your fantasy football championship!!

    Glad to hear everything is okay with you.

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