The Great American Road Trip #4

Random Notes from the Road

Greetings from Roswell, NM. Sure are a lot of alien statues around here. My eldest is very confident that “aliens absolutely don’t exist”, while my youngest is slightly less confident, “I’m pretty sure they don’t exist.”

As for me, jury is still out. I’m not ready to weigh in on this topic just yet. I do know that space is a spectacularly big place and we as a species don’t currently have the tools to fully explore it.

Today was a long day in the car as we drove through Texas after a couple day stop in San Antonio to visit family. Speaking of spectacularly big places, Texas is large. Driving East to West across it has given me a new appreciation for just how large it is.

Our kids have done surprisingly well so far. The only times they’ve struggled is when they are hungry or tired, both of which are within our control and we just need to do a better job of planning ahead.

Flexibility remains the cornerstone of our travel lessons for them. Things have gone smoothly, but we’ve had a few hiccups along the way. I’ll get into a couple of the hiccups after some more random observations.

More Random Observations

  • Kids love swimming. We had our first down night in Houston a few days ago. We’ve been torturing our kids going to hotel after hotel and not having enough time to let them swim. We have now rectified that issue and the kids swam for well over an hour tonight.
  • Turns out I have an involentary anxious response when it comes to driving over tall bridges. Drove through Louisiana and it had a fair number of bridges (fortunately only a few that elicited the fear response). That and bizarre bursts heavy rain led to a stressful day of driving.
  • Road kill down south is far more interesting. Seen a wild boar, couple alligators and quite a few armadillos.
  • My naturally dark complexion is no match for the Texas sun. I rarely wear sunscreen. Mostly because I don’t often spend a lot of time out in the sun. But even when I do, my natural complexion has saved me from ever really having sun burn. However, after laying our by the pool at our San Antonio hotel, my skin turned a more red than I’m accustomed to seeing it. Nothing too bad, and it hasn’t bothered me, but I will certainly be wearing sun screen for the rest of the trip.

The Hiccups

I’ll finish off this entry with two hotel issues we’ve encountered. For the most part, I’ve been really happy with our accommodations. There isn’t much I would change. However, we were awoken just after midnight while in Houston by a fire alarm. After corralling our disoriented boys down the 5 flights of stairs, we learned it was a false alarm, apparently set off by the thunderstorm.

The next hotel in San Antonio was amazing…right up until it rained. Then we heard a drip, drip, drip over by the window sill. Yep, water was pouring into the room. This turned out to be a non-issue as the rain didn’t last very long, but still.

All in all, if those turn out to be our worst travel stories from this trip, I’ll count us as very lucky. My next post is a pre-written piece on fatherhood, then I’ll have one more check in from the road. I don’t think I had a chance to proof read it, nor have I been proof reading these travel updates, so I apologize for any errors you may come across.

While I’m on the apolodazzle tour, I’ve got 2 more apologies to make. 1 – Sorry there are no pictures in this post, I’m having issues with transferring them from my phone onto the website. I don’t currently have the time to trouble shoot it. 2 – If you’ve written any comments, I haven’t had the time to respond. Unfortunately this likely won’t change while I’m on the road. Hang in there, I’ll respond as soon as I can.


  1. Sounds like you’re having fun. If you’re worried about Aliens . . . while researching a post on insurance, I discovered alien abduction insurance. You know, just in case. Anyway, thanks for the updates

  2. Kids+pool=happy vacation!

    I would look forward to seeing some variety in the roadkill. Here (in PA) it’s usually just deer with the occasional unrecognizable furry animal.

    You gonna hit White Sands? I have wanted to go there forever, but it never quite fit our itinerary when we were in the region.

    Have fun!
    Dr. C

    1. Sadly we are going to miss it this time around. Unfortunately, we already have a long day of driving ahead of us and it is just too far out of the way to justify a stop. It’ll have to be on another trip. It looks amazing though.

    1. So far so good. We left San Antonio just as the cousins were beginning to get on each others nerves hopefully we have similar success with the other set of cousins in California!

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