Web Resources

Below are some of my favorite resources from around the internet:

Blogs worth reading:

  • Mr. Money Mustache – MMM’s unique style will make you re-examine everything in your life. And you may even want to punch yourself in the face after he’s done dropping his insight on you. (Click here for one of my Favorite MMM Posts.)
  • The Minimalists – I discovered Josh and Ryan’s site through their documentary on Minimalism and have been hooked every since.
  • Zen Habits – Zen Habits is run by Leo Babauta and he consistently provides some of the most thought provoking articles on the web. (Click here for my Favorite Zen Habits Post and here for another.)
  • Mad Fientist – It took me a couple of years of listening to the Mad Fientist podcast before I discovered his blog. You’ll be hard pressed to find a blogger who puts in more time researching his posts. (Here’s my favorite Mad Fientist Post – be warned it is for the serious Financial Independence seeker.)
  • Rockstar FinanceJ-Money is the brainchild behind this site. He and Cait Flanders curate some of the best personal finance posts from around the web and post them here. If you want to know more about the personal finance community, this is the place to start.
  • Raptitude – I love the premise behind this blog and the content delivers.
  • Becoming Minimalist – Joshua Becker brings great content and insights into what really matters. His story and message resonates with me on multiple levels. If you have kids, check out what he has to say, you won’t regret it.
  • 1500days.com – One of the more unique voices in the financial independence community. Mr. 1500 isn’t afraid to be himself and that makes for compelling reading.

TED Talks/YouTube Videos worth watching:

Podcasts worth listening to:

  • Mad Fientist Podcast – The Mad Fientist brings you so many voices in the personal finance community. It is the best place to go to find all the different flavors of financial independence. The only podcast in which I listen to each episode as soon as they become available.
  • This American Life – For years this was the only podcast I listened to. I’ve since branched out, but TAL has remained one of my favorites.

Other Resources:

  • Putting Time in Perspective – Tim Urban brilliantly illustrates just how small the current moment is. So whatever you find yourself worrying about, take a look at this illustration and rethink that worry.