Random Questions with CY Innovations

MSF Preamble

Chris Yetter from CYInnovations was kind enough to my be second guest on my Random Questions series. I’ll let Chris tell you a bit about himself in a minute, but while reading his introduction to himself on his website I was reminded of a joke:

There are three types of people in the world: optimists, pessimists, and mechanical engineers. The way you can tell them apart is show them a glass half filled with water.

The optimist – It’s half full
The pessimist – It’s half empty
Mechanical Engineer – The glass has been manufactured to the wrong specifications

But all joking aside (for now) Chris puts his engineering mind to good use on his site and his posts are presented from a problem solving perspective. So if you’re trying to solve the problem of wasteful spending, Chris is the guy to go to. Or if you’re having trouble with time management, Chris has engineered a solution for you (see what I did there).

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The Great American Road Trip #5

We’ve now wrapped up our two family stays and will be on the road for the remainder of the trip. The family visits went great. My brother was very surprised by our visit, which was very satisfying since surprising him was the goal of this trip.

The boys have continued to exceed expectations with their behavior. This has been a very pleasant surprise on this trip. Having kids that travel well makes it much easier to think about planning more adventurous trips.

We got in a couple rounds of the Skittles game. I think I’ve found my hidden talent. Thanks Tom (HighIncomeParents.com)


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40 Great Things About Fatherhood

Today is my brother’s 40th Birthday. It is this monumental occasion that inspired the Great American Road Trip that we are currently on. It is also a reminiscent moment in my family since my dad’s 40th birthday was a raucus affair.

My mom planned a surprise party for him. It seemed like everyone he knew was there. He had been on a work trip only to return to 200+ people waiting in our house to surprise him. This sounds like a nightmare to me, but he loved every second of it.

At the time 40 seemed ancient. The dozens and dozens of ‘over the hill’ t-shirts and mugs he received as gifts only confirmed this belief. Now that I’m less than 3 years away from it myself, I have a slightly different perspective.Continue reading →

The Great American Road Trip #4

Random Notes from the Road

Greetings from Roswell, NM. Sure are a lot of alien statues around here. My eldest is very confident that “aliens absolutely don’t exist”, while my youngest is slightly less confident, “I’m pretty sure they don’t exist.”

As for me, jury is still out. I’m not ready to weigh in on this topic just yet. I do know that space is a spectacularly big place and we as a species don’t currently have the tools to fully explore it.

Today was a long day in the car as we drove through Texas after a couple day stop in San Antonio to visit family. Speaking of spectacularly big places, Texas is large. Driving East to West across it has given me a new appreciation for just how large it is.

Our kids have done surprisingly well so far. The only times they’ve struggled is when they are hungry or tired, both of which are within our control and we just need to do a better job of planning ahead.

Flexibility remains the cornerstone of our travel lessons for them. Things have gone smoothly, but we’ve had a few hiccups along the way. I’ll get into a couple of the hiccups after some more random observations.

More Random Observations

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The Great American Road Trip – Observations

The Great American Road Trip – #3

I’ve haven’t been sure exactly how I want this series to look. As I’ve previously mentioned, I don’t want it to be a boring account of our trip: “today we saw a dead squirrel on the side of the road.”

So rather than give you all a day by day breakdown of our first few days on the road, I thought I’d start this series by sharing a list of random observations that have occurred to me as a result of our trip.

My camera had a hard time focusing on Lego me and was far more interested in the St. Louis Arch.

Let the observations begin…

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