My Financial Mount Rushmore

My Financial Mount Rushmore: @DaveRamsey @mrmoneymustache @madfientist @BudgetsAreSexy @wealthy_barber This past summer during the Great American Road Trip, we had the opportunity to stop by Mount Rushmore and see the giant heads of the inspirational leaders who built this country.

This experience got me thinking about some of the inspirations in my life, particularly those in the personal finance arena. I’ve been reading personal finance material for over a decade. During that time, I’ve gained many insights that have shaped my own financial journey.

However, just as the landmarks commission had to sift through the many great American’s for Mount Rushmore, I too will attempt to boil down my financial influences.

Since I’m not limited to working on the surface area of a specific hunk of rock, I’m stretching the rules a bit and narrowing down my financial influences to 5. I will present them in chronological order from my first influencer to my most recent.Continue reading →

Unexpected Benefits of Minimalism

Minimalism The Journey #8

I’m not naturally an organized person. Or even all that clean for that matter. (Although I wouldn’t categorize myself as messy either.) I don’t mind some dishes piled in the sink or a week’s worth of mail strewn across the table.

My clothes generally have been stuffed in a drawer with some vague notion of having been folded. And my car always needs a thorough cleaning if I anticipate having to give someone a ride.

Kids and Clean Aren’t Friends

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The Best Trait we Love to Discourage in Kids

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”

– Albert Einstein

Boys my boys,

Your growth will only be limited by your degree of curiosity. Up until this point in your life, you have both been naturally curious creatures. This has at times frustrated or even scared me, but mostly thrilled me.

In my experience curiosity has become a bit of a lost art form. Sadly it can be discouraged in our institutions of learning and of faith and even at home. Leaving children to conclude curiosity is a bad thing.

What Society Tells Us About Curiosity

We even have a saying we recite to children to warn them of the dangers of displaying these qualities, “curiosity killed the cat.” This not only gives the message that no good can come from curiosity, it takes it the step further and suggests harm may result from your curiosity.Continue reading →