Help A Guy Out! – The Dark Side of Immersion

I thought I’d try something a little different today. I’m dedicating a blog post to a problem I’m having and then turning it over to my readers to for help. If it goes well, I may just turn it into an ongoing series. 

I have a problem. It surfaces after I pick and then focus on a long-term goal. First, it was to become debt free. For eight years I myopically chased this pursuit. Now, I’m focused on Financial Independence and am looking at another decade before we are in striking distance.

These are great goals and my life is richer for setting and pursuing them. However, the time line leads to periods of discouragement.Continue reading →

My Minimalism Journey Hits a Crossroads

Minimalism – The Journey #7

When I began this minimization journey, I felt confident that outside of my books and some excess clothes, I wouldn’t’ have a lot to minimize. And now that I’ve taken care of all the low hanging fruit, I’ve discovered that a lot remains.

Not a lot of volume, but rather a lot in terms of time. I can’t simply pack up the remaining stuff in boxes and drop it off at the nearest charity shop. With this time-based obstacle on the horizon, I’ve discovered the stressful side of minimizing my life.Continue reading →

MFS Takeover – The Highjacking of the MSF Blog

My kids have been asking to put together a blog post. I thought it’d be a perfect opportunity to teach them about coming up with a vision, creating an outline, and editing their work.

Turns out I must make blogging look a lot more fun than it really is. My kids had no interest in the hard work. They just wanted to publish their writing and receive the inevitable accolades from “the internet.”

I tried to explain that this isn’t how blogging works. I tried to explainContinue reading →

New Kids on the Blog – The Comeback Tour

New kids on the block, new kids on the blog, you got it, the right stuff, step by stepNot long after I started this blog, I wrote a post highlighting several of the new bloggers who had surfaced around the time my blog launched. Now that I’m a few months into this blogging thing and sufficiently embedded in the subculture, I’ve noticed that new bloggers keep popping up.

In fact, so many great new bloggers have come onto the scene since my last New Kids on the Blog post, I thought I was time for a comeback tour. So below I’ve highlighted five newish bloggers I’ve discovered over the past couple of months.Continue reading →

Mathematical Magic Behind Motivating Yourself to Debt Freedom

How I Stayed Motivated While Paying Down Debt

It’s no secret that paying off debt is hard work. The sacrifices you have to make are ever present, while the rewards are months or years away. Staying motivated during the debt payoff journey can be challenging no matter how much debt you have to pay off. However, it is particularly difficult when your debts will take years and years to pay off.

If you are in a multiple year repayment situation, you’re likely looking for ways to get or stay motivated. I know this was true for us as it took us about 8 years to completely clear all our debts.Continue reading →