The Day My Metabolism Died

Lego Picnic - The day my metabolism diedSince having kids, my father’s early passing (he was 48) has loomed in the back of my mind. One of my hopes for this blog is to create some accountability for myself in making healthier choices.

Up until this point I haven’t written much about my own health. This is partly because I haven’t completely figured out how I’m going to tackle this topic. It is a bit of an anomaly compared to the other topics I write about. For this reason I’ve continued to justify putting it off.

But for me it is the elephant in the room. I won’t get much benefit from all the work I’m doing to achieve Financial Independence if I end up in an early grave. I will have created some security for my family, which is my top priority, but I think my family would rather have me around to enjoy the financial freedom with them.Continue reading →

A Victory & A Defeat

Post #3 in the Journey to Minimalism Series

Clothes – A Victory

Immersion has led it’s way to action. I’ve spent the day cleaning out my closet of clothes. While I’ve only just begun the pairing down process, I’m feeling good about what I’ve accomplished.

I’ve gotten rid of half of my clothes. Of the items remaining, I already have my eye on a few that will need to go. I’ve had little to no emotional reaction to this process. There most definitely is not any sense of loss. If anything I feel liberated.

There is the odd sentimental item that I’m unsure of what to do with. One of those items is a shirt of my father’s that I continue to wear, which makes that decision easier. The other is a tie he received.

The reason I kept the tie was because of the story that came with it. Continue reading →

My Journey To Fatherhood

Journey to Fatherhood, Dad Like Me, LegoPreamble

One of the benefits of starting this blog has been making unexpected connections. One such connection has been with a podcasting duo who call themselves Dad Like Me.

The premise: host Jon is an expectant father and he is documenting his own journey into fatherhood via his podcast. His longtime friend Ben is the childless co-host and foil with which Jon bounces his experiences off of. They are a very amusing pair and listening to them has caused me to reminisce about my own journey into fatherhood. Journey may be too generous; bumbling stagger into fatherhood may be more accurate.

After listening to the first few episodes, I thought I’d write down my own reflections on this period in my life. I wanted to focus in on the first few months of having a new baby. Down the road I’ll give you pro dad tips like invest in a pair of slippers with a hard sole and never take them off. This will help you when you inevitably step in the puddles of pee, mashed up food that has found its way to the floor, and unnecessarily sharp Legos. You won’t have to worry about that for at least the next few months. Today I want to focus on the journey to becoming a father.Continue reading →

Letting Go

Minimalism, letting goPost #2 in the Journey to Minimalism Series

I recently wrote about change and my goal to get my life to better reflect my values. One of the goals of this blog is to give my kids a picture of who I am. So documenting my journey into minimalism seems like a good way to provide them with a snapshot of one aspect of  my life.

In many ways I’m already a minimalist. At least when it comes to how I consume and manage money. This is natural for me and aligns with one of my other goals/values…Financial Independence.

I have never really bought superfluous stuff, so my journey to minimalism has already begun. However, I have accumulated plenty of junk over the course of my life. Since I’ve had a hard time getting rid of this stuff, I’ve instead stored and moved it with me from one dwelling to the next.Continue reading →

Insert Salacious Title Here

My Battle as a New Bloggerblogging about blogging

Prior to starting this blog, I was always fascinated with blog posts about blogging. The content intrigued me; I felt like I was getting an inside baseball look at how sausage was made (yep, mixing metaphor’s). Additionally, the sheer number of bloggers that wrote about blogging surprised me. I didn’t expect to join the ranks of bloggers that blog about blogging (blog, blog, blogging, blogitty blog blog).

I figured I might do a six month reflection piece, then just an annual blogaversary post to mark the occasion, but didn’t think just over a month into the process I’d have much to say on the matter.

Turns out I was wrong. I’ve been quite contemplative about my blogging life, but have been hesitant to publish any of my musings. My goal after all is to create content that will benefit my kids. I can’t imagine 20 years from now they’d find my reflections about my dismal first month blogging stats very interesting.Continue reading →