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New kids on the block, new kids on the blog, you got it, the right stuff, step by stepThis stretch of daily posting has been great. It’s forced me to get creative with my posting ideas and try out new things. While I’m not sure they’ll all stick I’m glad I have given them a shot. Today’s post is a continuation of my efforts at trying new things.

One of the unexpected benefits of starting a new blog has been connecting with other content creators. I really wasn’t expecting this at all.

I’ve discovered that as a new blogger your first audience will be family and friends (if you’ve told them about your blogging secret identity). Your second audience will be other bloggers.

So as one of the new kids on the blogging block, I wanted to give a shout out to some of my fellow newbies. It’s been awesome getting to know the individuals behind these creative ventures. This post is my way of saying thank you to each of them for being so supportive during my first couple months of blogging.

I’ll share a brief summary of their work and then link to my favorite post/episode. Be sure to check them out, as I’m confident you’ll enjoy them as much as I have.

Dad Like Me

Jon, who runs the Dad Like Me podcast, was one of the first connections I made. I recently wrote a post inspired by the Dad Like Me podcast. Check out that post for a more thorough description of what Jon and Ben are up to.

Taking over the Dad Like Me Podcast
Here’s what it looked like when I took over the Dad Like Me Podcast for Episode 5

In short it’s a podcast about expectant father Jon and his journey into fatherhood. His childless friend Ben joins him and together they sort through the rollercoaster of becoming a first time father.

My favorite episode thus far has got to be their very first. The story of how they first met still cracks me up. But a close second was their most recent; Jon allowed me to take over the show and play guest host for the day.

Rogue Dad, MD

Rogue Dad, MD is the baby of the group, launching his blog earlier this month on April 6th. But don’t let his infantile status fool you; his writing style and content can match that of any seasoned blogger.

As a pediatric emergency doc with three boys of his own, I find his insights into kids both profound and at times humorous. He refers to his eldest son as Rogue One, which has got to be the best familial spin off of a blog name ever.

He covers some of my favorite topics: family, money, faith, and even provides some medical insight (and the occasional medical tip on twitter – but is sure to note that any medical advice dispensed on twitter carries no practical application nor is it legally binding). You should really be following him on Twitter!

He discusses his Muslim faith and what it’s like raising kids with his Christian wife in an interracial, inter-religious marriage. Quite frankly, this is a conversation we as a society should be having more of. Well, not how he should be raising his kids with his wife, but how we can better understand one another. We’ll likely discover that we have more similarities than differences.

Despite only being a month into blogging, he’s written some excellent posts, so choosing just one as my favorite was a bit of a challenge. But I eventually settled on his most recent Home Alone. It is hot off the presses or whatever the blogging equivalent of the would be.

Dollar Habits

Ty over at Dollar Habits started his blog at virtually the same time I launched mine. We quickly found each other on Twitter and he immediately shared some great tips with me about connecting to the community and trouble shooting blog problems.

Thanks to great content and a winning marketing strategy, Dollar Habits stormed out of the gates and had an amazing first month. Life has caught up with him and he’s had to slow down his fevered pace, but I’m excited to see what he has on the horizon.

Living up to his blog’s name, Ty teaches us How to Harness the Power of Habits, a post that landed atop my list of favorite Dollar Habits posts.

Save Splurge Deny Debt

Cameron over at Save Splurge Deny Debt is the grizzled veteran of the group, launching his blog way back on February 8, 2017. He also holds the unique honor of having his Lego doppelganger show up on this site a few weeks back.

Cameron does a great job of finding the balance between helpful financial advice and sharing his personal experiences. He’s able to offer a unique perspective on money after working several jobs in the finance industry and having spent 2 years as an owner/operator of a restaurant.

He’s also been known to sprinkle some insights from his new dad status into his posts. If I’m forced to pick my favorite post thus far, I have to go with his Save Splurge Deny Debt Manifesto. It’s not only chocked full of good advice, it is also a great introduction to what Cameron and his site are all about.

Thinking of Someday

Last but certainly not least we’ve got Thinking of Someday. Kim and Omar are the couple that runs this site and their blog birthday is just a few days after my own on March 6, 2017.

Both of them write on the site and they each offer a unique perspective. Kim is the practical voice with actionable tips to improve your financial life today. While Omar takes a look at the bigger picture and offers insights into finding a healthy mindset to go along with making healthy money decisions.

The complimentary perspectives that each of them brings comes together to create a great resource for anyone looking to get their financial lives in order. I’ve enjoyed every single one of their posts, but the one that rises to the top was Omar’s observations on whether Personal Finance is More Mindset or Income.

Final Thoughts

I’ve really enjoyed connecting with the online creative community. This list of five newbies represents just a small portion of the amazing connections I’ve made. There were so many more that I wanted to add to the list. Especially bloggers who have been around just a little bit longer and have been so encouraging.

But, fitting with the New Kids on the Block theme, I was dedicated to keeping the number to five and only featuring those who are truly New Kids to the blogging/podcasting world.

[If you didn’t get the Lego Scene today, maybe this will help you out]. To my five boy band members, just remember You Got It (The Right Stuff)! Hang in there; Step-by-Step we’ll make it together. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Be sure to check back tomorrow as I wrap up my 11 straight days of posts with my Grand Finale. I’m kicking off a new series and I hope it will become a regular feature on my site.


  1. I might be a little biased, but I enjoyed this post! It’s interesting to hear your analysis of Omar and my writing styles. I would have to say that we definitely agree. Haha. And also I had a feeling that you were going to say that was your favorite post on our blog so far. Thank you for your support. We’re enjoying your blog as well. We will have to check out the other new bloggers you mentioned too.

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