The Day My Metabolism Died

Lego Picnic - The day my metabolism diedSince having kids, my father’s early passing (he was 48) has loomed in the back of my mind. One of my hopes for this blog is to create some accountability for myself in making healthier choices.

Up until this point I haven’t written much about my own health. This is partly because I haven’t completely figured out how I’m going to tackle this topic. It is a bit of an anomaly compared to the other topics I write about. For this reason I’ve continued to justify putting it off.

But for me it is the elephant in the room. I won’t get much benefit from all the work I’m doing to achieve Financial Independence if I end up in an early grave. I will have created some security for my family, which is my top priority, but I think my family would rather have me around to enjoy the financial freedom with them.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Part of the problem I’ve had in addressing my health is that I look healthy. Despite my poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyle, I’ve maintained the same outward appearance. For the majority of my life, most people looking at me would probably classify me as skinny. Even now that I’m at the heaviest I’ve ever been, I would still be looked at as a healthy weight.

Sure I have 5-10 vanity pounds to lose, but you wouldn’t know it looking at me. I can attribute this success to one factor, a metabolism that would make a supercar jealous. However, in the last year, this supercar seems to have turned into a jalopy.

Putting on weight has become significantly easier and losing it has become much harder. It appears that my years of getting a free pass on my diet and lack of exercise are over. I can no longer maintain the appearance of health without taking the appropriate actions to back it up.

Ode to My Metabolism

This post is an ode to my metabolism. It appears that this is goodbye my friend. We’ve had some great times together. All that Pizza and cake and the mountains of candy we’ve consumed together. It’s been a great ride. But it’s time for you to go. And time for me to grow up.

I’ve been eating like a teenager and exercising like a desk jockey for far too long. And now that bad combination of behaviors is finally catching up with me. Which, if I’m completely honest with myself is a good thing.

Why I’m Glad It’s Dead

I’ve known for years that I need to eat better and exercise more. My metabolism has allowed me to ignore these needs. Now that it has left me, I’m forced to face the more noticeable consequences of my unhealthy choices. Or preferably take action to avoid those consequences all together.

Ultimately the healthy choices I plan on making will likely be the things that extend my life. As much as I like to convince myself I would have changed my ways even without my expanding waistline, the reality is I hadn’t.

I don’t want to give off the impression that I haven’t made some healthy changes in my life since getting married and having kids because I have. But just like with my finances, there are still more steps I can take to function at full capacity.

This post isn’t about the specific changes I have made or need to make. I may address those questions in a future post. Today, I simply want to acknowledge the need to make some changes, and to bid farewell to my metabolism.

Final Thoughts

I am committed to incorporating my healthy pursuits on this blog. However, as of today I don’t have a clear vision of exactly how this will look. I know that there are a handful of things I need to hold myself accountable to do.

  • Get an Annual Physical – It’s been far too long since I’ve gotten a physical.
  • Have a Stress Test Done – Given my family history of heart disease, this is a must.
  • Eat Healthier – I already have a future post/series dedicated to a healthier diet.
  • Exercise More – This is much easier for me in the summer as I prefer to walk and live in a region that outdoor walking isn’t enjoyable for a large portion of the year.

Don’t worry-I won’t be writing a blog post every time I go to the doctor (unless of course something interesting comes of my visit). These health-centered posts will remain a minor part of my blog, but I plan on occasionally addressing the issue of my health.

Let me know what you think: Is your health an important part of your life plans? 


  1. I like how you touch on the fact of not being able to enjoy your financial independence if you end up in an early grave. I feel the same way. I think a lot of times people miss this part or think it’s something that they can keep putting off. Being healthy is just as, if not more than, important as financial independence.

    1. Thanks Kim! Yeah, I see them as intertwined as well. I’ve heard it said that at the end of his life a rich man would give up all his fortune for just one more day to live. Well hopefully by taking care of myself I’ll have both! I appreciate you sharing!

  2. If you don’t have your health, everything else is impacted. Hardest part as a parent is actually forcing myself to take care of myself (doctor, exercise, food). But everything you work for is lost if you are so impacted that you cannot enjoy it when you are older.

    1. Absolutely agree. All the other work we put into our life doesn’t mean a whole lot if we don’t take care of the thing that allows us to enjoy our life: our health. Thanks for stopping by Daniel, I appreciate you reading!

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