Intermittent Fasting – An Update

Just a reminder that this Intermittent Fasting Journey was originally undertaken back in February of this year. I’m currently on my second attempt at Intermittent Fasting and am having a slightly different experience. I’ll write a follow-up post when this current series is complete. 

I hadn’t intended to write about my intermittent fast again until I completed my month-long commitment. However, now that I’m halfway through I recognize the need to change things up.

Throughout the first week of my intermittent fasting exercise, I did struggle with being hungry throughout my morning, but I felt myself getting healthier in the process. Not only was I losing weight at a decent clip, but I generally felt better.

This was likely the combination of introducing more vegetables into my diet while at the same time essentially eliminating the “unhealthy” sugars I had been eating. While I still eat some sugars they come in the form of a small amount yogurt and salad dressing.

This replaced my previous sugar consumption of donuts, candy bars, and white bread. So after a week of detoxing my body from that garbage and replacing it with more vegetables and protein, I was feeling stronger and healthier. Not to mention leaner.

The Problem

The problem I’ve experienced over the last week is that my success through the first week caused me to be more stringent with my calories and food intake. Having only a smaller salad at lunchtime and no protein at all until dinnertime.

This has left me hungrier than I was during the first week and feeling much weaker. The icing on the cake is that I haven’t really lost any weight this week. While that isn’t my goal, it was a nice bonus to this experiment.

My wife suggested that the lack of protein is causing my body to shut down its metabolism and store the fat it has left. After a little research, I think she could be right.

The Change

So a change is in order. At lunchtime-after my salad, I’m going to also eat something with a decent amount of protein in it. I had been eating nuts (almonds or pistachios) as part of my lunchtime routine during the first week and I may return to that. But will also likely introduce eggs as a way to add variety.

I’ll continue to try to avoid carbohydrates (and of course sugars). But I may also move back my dinnertime to later and then try to avoid the snack before bed. Week three will be a bit of an experimental week to see what works and what doesn’t.

Once it is fine tuned, I’ll finish with a consistent routing in my final week and write up a summary of my findings. Based on this week I likely won’t continue this eating style, but if I feel better with these adjustments, I may reconsider that conclusion.


  1. Hey MSF, Just catching up with your recent posts. I’m glad to hear you are working on your health and diet, but yes it sounds like you might not be eating enough. It’s important to include protein, carbs, and healthy fat with every eating event, whether that be a meal or a snack. I’ve got some articles on my site but I’ll also send you a link to a great resource that I trust.

    1. Thanks Amy! My first attempt at Intermittent Fasting was a worthwhile venture, but I’ve enjoyed it a lot more the second time around, that is likely due to having a more specific goal/purpose. I’ve made a lot of health changes over the past month and plan on writing them in more detail after I finish up the Intermittent Fasting Series. I really appreciate the resource you sent me!

  2. As I read your post, I am also eating a cookie, talk about timing. But a cookie is totally healthy sugars right?

    Keep up the good work, you are a better person than I to do this whole fasting thing.

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