What am I Going to Write About and Why?

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Throughout the first month of this blog, I’ve attempted to give you a better understanding of me. Writing mostly personal anecdotes that hopefully gave you a feel for my history and beliefs.

In my origin story post I broadly wrote about why I began this blog. On my About Page, I explained generally a few of the topics you can expect to find here. However, I thought a more comprehensive explanation of the content this blog will contain was needed.

From what I’ve read about blogging, the best approach is to pick a niche and write exclusively about it. Unfortunately this just doesn’t fit in with the mission of my blog. My goal is to provide my kids with insight into my life, and focusing on just one of my interests isn’t going to achieve that goal.

Below are the five general categories I intend to write about. Including a brief explanation of why I have chosen each topic.

Life Lessons/My Philosophies

Life lessons and my personal philosophies is the overarching theme of this blog. I’ve written several posts in the first month that give you a feel for what you can expect to find when it comes to this topic. (Five Lessons I Learned from my Father’s Death & My Driving Values Posts are two good examples.)

I will continue to integrate my philosophies and life lessons throughout this blog. Incorporating it into all of the other topics I intend to write about. The goal of this blog is to give my boys a sense of who I am. My beliefs and experiences are the platform I intend to use to give them this insight.

Personal Finance

Why personal finance? First, it is an interest of mine. As you can tell from my Web Resources page, I read a lot of personal finance bloggers and books. I spend my time on improving my financial literacy because I see it as a tool to help me better live out my values.

Spending my time on things that have meaning for me is an essential component to living a fulfilled and content life. As I learn more about personal finance, I am able to get my money to work for me and gain greater control over my time.

Second, I believe personal finance is an under represented part of a child’s development and education. My own father taught me the basics of money. However, I didn’t take a single class in high school or college that covered the topic of personal finance.

My financial education was limited to what my father knew. It was also limited because he was one voice in a sea of hundreds of educational influences. Had I had a more comprehensive education, I may have avoided some of the mistakes I made with my finances. These mistakes helped me better understand my own finances, and also fostered a desire to learn more to ensure I didn’t make similar mistakes in the future.

I see it as my responsibility to educate my own kids about money and finances. My hope for these posts is that they provide a basic financial education and spark further interest in my kids (and readers).


I recently discovered minimalism and I plan on documenting my Minimalism Journey on this blog. This series is intended to chronicle a change in my life and allow me to put my philosophy of change into practice.

Minimalism also lines up very well with my own values. Through the process of becoming more minimalistic I hope to become a better model of values based living for my boys.

This series is intended to document my personal journey from my introduction to minimalism through to living a minimalistic lifestyle. I anticipate victories and struggles along the way and will document all of them right here on my blog.

My hope is that my kids see the importance of personal development and foster a willingness to grow throughout their own lives. Recognizing that the effort required to change is worth the outcome. I also hope my readers can find inspiration to align their lives with their values.

Healthy Pursuits

My health has been one of my ongoing priorities for several years. However, it has also been the area of my life that I’ve been least effective in changing. Given my father’s death at a young age, I know it is essential I take care of my health.

While I have made some positive changes in the past few years, I know I still have a long way to go. My diet continues to be a struggle and I live a mostly sedentary lifestyle. These are a bad combination when you have a family history of heart disease.

This healthy pursuits series is my attempt to create some accountability for myself. I intend to set a series of month-long challenges to help me create healthier habits. While this won’t be something I write about every month, I’d like to dedicate a couple of months out of the year to chronicle these experiments.

My hope is that these experiments create lasting change in my life beyond the month I intend to pursue them. It’d be great if some of my readers want to join my challenges with me.


Finally I intend to use this blog to document my family’s life. I want to create record of our travels and other important experiences we have. While travel isn’t currently a large portion of our lives, my hope is that it becomes more of a focus, as our kids get older.

I believe traveling is such an important part of a child’s development. It helps them gain greater perspective into the world they inhabit; recognizing that not everyone lives like they do nor has the same background or experiences that they do.

My hope is that my boys become good global citizens. Respecting others and the world around them. I see travel as a way to guide them towards this goal.


I intend for these five topics to be the core of this blog. However I recognize my value of growth may cause some alterations to this plan.

Since I am not following the traditional blog route of writing exclusively about a specific niche, I want to make it easy for my reader to identify the topics they may find most interesting.

Therefore, I will try to make it as clear as possible through the title of each article what category each post will fall into. Additionally, I’ve set up a link under the archives heading to help you find posts specific to each category.

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  1. Hi there!

    No need to put a label on everything. Your blog will be a great resource of wisdom for your sons and I am sure they will appreciate it very much. Categorization may be important for the search engines, but the topics you mentioned are all parts of our human life and any wisdom from the elders should be welcome. Your values and philosophies aligns with mine pretty much, so can’t wait to read more about them.

    Have a nice day,
    A fellow father 😉

    1. Thrilled to have you as a reader! I figured I’d rather write about my various passions than specialize in one topic that I end up getting bored of. If it ends up being a harder road from to page views as a result, that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. Thanks for the encouragement. (My apologies for the delayed response. I forgot to check my spam filter.)

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