Best in Show Weekly Wrap-Up: September 4 – 8

Some say it is the most prestigious fake award on Twitter. (Okay, I’ve been the only one to say that so far, but it’s only a matter of time before it catches on.) Peruse this week’s winners, and be sure to vote for your favorite below.

Before getting to this week’s candidates, it’s time to award last weeks Winner. Congratulations to last weeks Best of the Best…

Last Weeks Best of the Best

Congratulations Guy on FIRE! You’re this weeks Best of the Best (again):

This Weeks Nominees:

Monday: Reflecting back on one year of blogging (Cash Fasting)

Tuesday: Brainstorming – 11 new business ideas (Money Corgi)

Wednesday: Stop Already! YOLO Could Be Destroying Your Life (Crispy Cabbage)

Thursday: Why Road Trips Are Essential: For Your Wallet, Your Relationship, and Your Mind (Mixed Up Money)

Friday: Investing Is Like Driving (Finance Yo Self)

Best of the Best

Congratulations to all the winners! Now it’s time to slim the herd and find out who is the best of the best. Vote in the poll below for your favorite post and the winner will be featured in next weeks Best in Show Round Up.

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