Best in Show Weekly Wrap-Up: September 11 – 15

Some say it is the most prestigious fake award on Twitter. (Okay, I’ve been the only one to say that so far, but it’s only a matter of time before it catches on.) Peruse this week’s winners, and be sure to vote for your favorite below.

Before getting to this week’s candidates, it’s time to award last weeks Winner. Congratulations to last weeks Best of the Best…

Last Weeks Best of the Best

Congratulations Cash Fasting! You’re this week Best of the Best:

This Weeks Nominees:

Monday: The Regret Test: How to Know When to Save and Spend Your Money (Wealth Well Done)

Tuesday: Rich Man, Poor Man, Debt, and Wealth (CYInnovations)

Wednesday: Why Write an Interactive Guide to FIRE? (Minafi)

Thursday: Does Giving Kids Allowance Doom Your Budget? (The Dad Wallet)

Friday: Why I Don’t Track Our Net Worth (Some Random Guy Online)

Best of the Best

Congratulations to all the winners! Now it’s time to slim the herd and find out who is the best of the best. Vote in the poll below for your favorite post and the winner will be featured in next weeks Best in Show Round Up.

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  1. Well hello 🙂 Busy week after the big game and all!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I have traveled all across America. I have skied some of the best double-black diamond mountain ski runs in Colorado; climbed architecturally stunning staircases in NY city; and I have fished some beautiful lakes in Minnesota; but there is just something awesome about experiencing live touchdowns at Viking games when you randomly jump, high-five, and hug people next to you, and also being featured on @mysonsfather!!!!!! Thanks for the links and @shoutout!!! This ranks right up there with everything else I have accomplished!!!!

    1. Really couldn’t have been a better game to be at. Viking offense was firing on all cylinders. Their defense was in bend, but don’t break form. And their rookie running back broke the rookie yardage record right in front of Adrian Peterson (the previous holder of said record.) It was a fun game to watch from home, I can only imagine how great it was to be there in person.

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