Best in Show Weekly Round Up: October 23-27

Some say it is the most prestigious fake award on Twitter. (Okay, I’ve been the only one to say that so far, but it’s only a matter of time before it catches on.)

Before getting to this week’s candidates, it’s time to award last weeks Winner. Congratulations to last weeks Best of the Best…

Last Weeks Best of the Best

Congratulations Remy’s Dad! You’re this weeks Best of the Best:

This Weeks Nominees:

Monday: Made in Minnesota (Adam Thielen & The Players Tribune)

Tuesday: Sugar (Minimal Wellness)

Wednesday: Letter To My Son: How To Be Financially Wise (Mustard Seed Money)

Thursday: An Air Bag Recall and A Free Rental Car (Full Time Finance)

Friday: Being single, A handicap or an advantage? (Expat on Fire)

Best of the Best

Congratulations to all the winners!

At this point, I’d normally I’d ask you to vote for your nomination of next week’s Best of the Best. However, I’m departing from tradition to announce the Best in Show and Best of the Best series is taking a hiatus.

If my site stats and voting trends are any indication, it does not appear as if the Best of the Best Posts are all that popular. So, today’s poll is all about the direction of this series. should it stick around or does it need to go permanently? Voice your opinion in today’s poll!

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