My 100 Things to do Before I Die List (aka Bucket List)

“Every man dies. Not every man really lives.”

– William Wallace

Special thanks to J-Money and Jon Westenberg for the inspiration behind this idea. 

Not too long ago I read a blog post about keeping a list of 100 things you want to do in your life. I loved the idea and immediately started on my own list. I haven’t gotten very far, but thought it would be an interesting addition to this blog to track and update these items.

Life Goals/Accomplishment I achieved long before I started this exercise, but I thought were worth noting:

(-1) Become a Father – Simply put, the best thing I have ever done or will ever do. Nothing compares to it.

(-2) Hit a Hole in One – Okay so this wasn’t a life goal until I did it, but since I did do it, it’s worth documenting. I haven’t played golf since achieving this feat back in my early 20’s.

(-3) Learn to Juggle – This was achieved when I was still around 12 years old. It was one of the first things I remember committing to and despite many frustrations and set back, actually learning to do.

(-4) Learn to Solve a Rubics Cube – For years this has been one of those seemingly impossible things to do, that I’ve always wanted to be able to accomplish. A few years ago (thanks to the help of YouTube) I reached this goal. It will always be a reminder that nothing is impossible, even if it first seems so.

(-5) Travel Abroad for School – I spent the second semester of my Sophomore Year of college traveling through the British Isle and think this is an essential part of any college education.

Here’s the start to my list of  the 100 Things I want to do before I die, some of which I’ve accomplished, many of which I still need to achieve. (I will continue to add ideas as they come to me.)

  1. Write a Book
  2. Create a Profitable Business
  3. Run a 5K (This will become a 10K if I ever accomplish the 5K)
  4. Watch my sons get married
  5. Become a Grandfather
  6. Take 5 Million Steps in a Year
  7. Debt Free (Minus the Mortgage)
  8. Mortgage Free
  9. Financial Independence
  10. Renovate a Room in a House
  11. Travel the World
    • Alaska
    • Australia
    • New Zealand
    • Tokyo, Japan
    • China
    • Russia
    • Venice (with my wife) – We’ve both been separately, but I’d love to go back with her.
    • Egypt (Pyramids/Sphinx)
    • Hawaii with my Family
  12. Take the Family on a Classic American Road Trip
  13. New Years Eve in Times Square
  14. Leave $100 Tip
  15. Anonymously buy Someone Else’s Meal at a Restaurant
  16. Attend a Broadway Play
  17. Take a Cruise
  18. Teach my kids how to get around London using public transportation
  19. Road trip the 101 along the California Coast
  20. Take the Kids to Disney
  21. Teach my sons to drive a manual transmission car
  22. See the Northern Lights
  23. Go to the Great Wall of China
  24. Start a Blog
  25. Blog Goals
    1. Have my words change just one life
    2. Get a blog post featured on Rockstar Finance
    3. Be a guest on the Mad Fientist Podcast
    4. Blog for 3 years
    5. Hit 10k twitter followers
  26. Take my kids to all 50 states