Mathematical Magic Behind Motivating Yourself to Debt Freedom

How I Stayed Motivated While Paying Down Debt

It’s no secret that paying off debt is hard work. The sacrifices you have to make are ever present, while the rewards are months or years away. Staying motivated during the debt payoff journey can be challenging no matter how much debt you have to pay off. However, it is particularly difficult when your debts will take years and years to pay off.

If you are in a multiple year repayment situation, you’re likely looking for ways to get or stay motivated. I know this was true for us as it took us about 8 years to completely clear all our debts.Continue reading →

The Myth of Happiness

“A contented mind is the greatest blessing a man can enjoy in this world.”

– Joseph Addison

If you ask most people what they want in life, the answer more often than not is ‘to be happy.” Similarly if you ask parents what they want for their kids, again the response is ‘for them to be happy’.

This reminds me of a story I once heard about greyhound racing. If you are unfamiliar with greyhound racing, it is a lot like horse racing but with greyhounds. Since greyhounds are too small for a jockey, dog tracks implement a different technique.

Ten or fifteen feet in front of the starting blocks sits a stuffed rabbit on a mechanical arm. As soon as the bell goes off and the gates open the mechanical arm begins to whip around the track with the pack of greyhounds frantically chase after the rabbit.

The story I heard was of one greyhound that actually caught up to that rabbit. Continue reading →

Random Questions with Waffles on Wednesdays

Lego Leslie Knope
I always think of this Leslie Knope quote whenever I read Waffles on Wednesdays.

MSF Preamble

I’m really excited to bring you today’s installment of Random Questions. If you aren’t familiar with Waffles on Wednesday, you are in for a treat! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

This husband and wife blogging duo not only has one of my favorite site names but a fittingly awesome story behind it. And in the same way, it’s impossible to regret ordering a waffle, it’s even less likely you’ll regret stopping by their site.

The WoW’s launched their blog in October of 2016 and Mrs. WoW immediately started dropping pearls of wisdom on the readers. Including this gem from their very first post, “Minimalism is a way of life, permeating through all aspects of it.” 

Not to be outdone, Mr. WoW shares the benefits of his own financial crusades with humorous and kinky spin. I have a feeling more people would sign up for the 401k info sessions at their work if they involved gimps and ball gags.

I could easily go on and mention one great post after another, but I’ll let you see for yourself just how enjoyable the WoW’s actually are. The responses below should give you a glimpse of what to expect on this fun loving couples site. Enjoy!Continue reading →

Magical Mystery Rides

John Lennon Quote about life and happiness

I recently wrote about curating my own childhood in my 40 Great Things About Being a Father post. This gave me the idea to write about some of the specific things I plan on recycling from my childhood.

My dad was a big Beatles fan and a few times during my childhood he’d take us on “Magic Mystery Tours”. Over the years my memory turned these into Magic Mystery Rides and now that I have kids of my own, I’m continuing the tradition.

So what is a magical mystery ride? Here are the criteria:Continue reading →

Minimalism – An Infectious Disease?

Minimalism The Journey #6

Since starting this journey, I’ve tried to keep the focus on “my” stuff. The things that I either brought into our marriage (most of my books) or that my wife and kids generally don’t care about (some old and if I’m honest with myself obsolete electronics).

However, all communal items (i.e. kitchen wear, towels and linens, and furniture) have not even been on my radar. I don’t see this stuff as mine to minimize, but rather ours to share and utilize.Continue reading →