It’s Thanksgiving Every Day at My House

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

A few months ago Mr. 1500 was kind enough to allow me to guest post as part of his Gratitude series. I took the opportunity to write about how I’m helping my boys (and myself) practice appreciation each and every day.

If you missed it or if you just want to read it again, please head on over to 1500days and check it out.

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

Intermittent Fasting – An Update

Just a reminder that this Intermittent Fasting Journey was originally undertaken back in February of this year. I’m currently on my second attempt at Intermittent Fasting and am having a slightly different experience. I’ll write a follow-up post when this current series is complete. 

I hadn’t intended to write about my intermittent fast again until I completed my month-long commitment. However, now that I’m halfway through I recognize the need to change things up.

Throughout the first week of my intermittent fasting exercise, I did struggle with being hungry throughout my morning, but I felt myself getting healthier in the process. Not only was I losing weight at a decent clip, but I generally felt better.

This was likely the combination of introducing more vegetables into my diet while at the same time essentially eliminating the “unhealthy” sugars I had been eating. While I still eat some sugars they come in the form of a small amount yogurt and salad dressing.

This replaced my previous sugar consumption of donuts, candy bars, and white bread. So after a week of detoxing my body from that garbage and replacing it with more vegetables and protein, I was feeling stronger and healthier. Not to mention leaner.

The Problem

The problem I’ve experienced over the last week is that my success through the first week caused me to be more stringent with my calories and food intake. Having only a smaller salad at lunchtime and no protein at all until dinnertime.

This has left me hungrier than I was during the first week and feeling much weaker. The icing on the cake is that I haven’t really lost any weight this week. While that isn’t my goal, it was a nice bonus to this experiment.

My wife suggested that the lack of protein is causing my body to shut down its metabolism and store the fat it has left. After a little research, I think she could be right.

The Change

So a change is in order. At lunchtime-after my salad, I’m going to also eat something with a decent amount of protein in it. I had been eating nuts (almonds or pistachios) as part of my lunchtime routine during the first week and I may return to that. But will also likely introduce eggs as a way to add variety.

I’ll continue to try to avoid carbohydrates (and of course sugars). But I may also move back my dinnertime to later and then try to avoid the snack before bed. Week three will be a bit of an experimental week to see what works and what doesn’t.

Once it is fine tuned, I’ll finish with a consistent routing in my final week and write up a summary of my findings. Based on this week I likely won’t continue this eating style, but if I feel better with these adjustments, I may reconsider that conclusion.

Probiotics – Gold or Pyrite

Sickness – Children’s Unwelcomed Companion

There are many wonderful things that come into your life when you have kids. However, along with those wonderful things, a few unpleasant stowaways weasel their way into your life.

One of those undesired stowaway’s…illness. When you have kids, no one tells you that you should expect to be sick six months out of the year.

Our first-born was a summer birthday, which meant my wife’s maternity leave ended just as winter was beginning. After an exhaustive search, we placed him in the best day care with the most reasonable price.

Over the next six months, he brought home sickness after sickness with him. He seemed to have a baseline cold that lasted the entire winter. As an added bonus he branched out to an ear infection, strep throat, and pink eye. He of course was kind enough to share his ailments with my wife and I.Continue reading →

My Sons Father Tries Intermittent Fasting

This post was originally written back in February of this year. After a recent visit to the doctor, I’ve started intermittent fasting again. This seemed like a good time to revisit this series. I hope you enjoy it. 

Healthy Pursuits #2


As part of a commitment to a healthier lifestyle, I recently began to explore the idea of intermittent fasting. If you are unfamiliar with this practice, it is essentially consistently fasting for a shorter period of time.

Whereas a traditional fast maybe for 24 hours and you only do it once in a while, intermittent fasting is usually a daily practice in which you fast for around 16 hours and then eat during the remaining 8 hours in the day.

Its advocates tout the benefits, such as studies indicating longer life, getting a leaner physic, etc. but I’m’ not interested in what the advocates have to say. I’m only interested in what my experience of the exercise will be.

To help document my experience, I thought I’d write about it and hope that maybe others can find value in hearing my experience.Continue reading →

My Physical Health and Diet – A History

Just before I started writing this blog (back in February of this year) I wrote a short series about my health. I wasn’t sure when would be a good time to publish this series, so I’ve held on to it. 

However, after a recent visit to the doctor, it looks like now is the time. Today’s post is just a general overview of my health history, however, the remainder of the posts will be about intermittent fasting. Since my recent visit to the doctor, I’ve taken up intermittent fasting again, so I thought this would be the perfect time to publish these posts.Continue reading →