Minimalism The Journey #5

It has been a long long day of sorting through books. Lots and lots of books. The crazy thing is that I already cut my book collection in half once. It was last year when we were in the process of “decluttering’ our house.

Despite having made 7-8 trips to good will last year, we still have so much stuff. Well, this time around I was ruthless. But before I delve into the bookpocalypse that just took place in my house, let me get you caught up to the mindset shift that I’ve had to undergo in order to achieve this level of ruthlessness.

I’ve spent a lot of time continuing to immerse myself with minimalistic content. TED talks, podcasts, blogs, books…you name it I’m consuming it. But I haven’t just been exposing myself to this new information, I’ve been viewing, listening, and reading with my books in mind.Continue reading →

Summer At Home Dad

Now that that Great American Road Trip is behind us, it’s time to look forward to the rest of the summer. When we were kids, my wife and I both enjoyed relaxing summers at home. We wanted our kids to experience this as well, but since we both work, we weren’t sure it was in the cards.

Up until this point in our kids lives, we haven’t really had to think about it. When they were in daycare and preschool, we didn’t have to do anything different for the summer. Daycare was year round and the preschool they went to had a summer program. However, now that they are both in elementary school we are faced with needing to find a summer option for them.Continue reading →

The Lesser Parental Holiday

Ba Humbug

I’ve cultivated a much more positive outlook than I inherited naturally. I consider myself an optimist. I’ve had to work very hard to change what was a fairly negative outlook, but the work was worth it as I am much happier as a positive and optimistic person.

But despite all of that, I have a really hard time feeling positive about Father’s Day. I know, I know, as a blogger whose blogdentity is wrapped up in being a father this makes very little sense.

I’ve always felt this way. Even as a kid, I always saw Father’s Day as an afterthought to Mother’s Day. I don’t think I’m just imagining it either. When we’d go to Church on Mother’s Day, the greeters would hand each mother a flower. Then we’d go out to brunch and another flower.

There always seemed to be pomp and circumstance surrounding Mother’s Day. Rightfully so, Mother’s deserve all of it. But there was rarely any pomp and circumstance surrounding Father’s Day.Continue reading →

The Great American Road Trip – Miles, Cost, and Final Thoughts

Earlier this week, we returned from an 18 day road trip. I thought I’d wrap up this trip with a few statistics and some of the lessons I learned.

Left: Odometer when I picked the car up. Right: Odometer just before dropping it off.


  • Departure – Thursday May 25th, 2:30pm
  • Return – Sunday June 11th, 3:00pm
  • Days of Travel – 18
  • States Visited – 15
  • Total Miles Traveled – 5,765
  • Miles Per Day – 320.28 (The car sat idle for 3 days in California while we visited my brother, and we traveled minimally for most of 1 day while we visited my wife’s sister, so technically we had 14 days of driving. Miles per day based on 14 days of driving – 411.79)
  • Total Gas Money – $285.54
  • Avg MPG – 39.8 (according to my rental car data)
  • Highest Gas Price Seen – $4.19 (just over the boarder in California)
  • Lowest Gas Price Seen – $1.99 (several locations in Tennessee)
  • Most Expensive Meal – $220 (for my brother’s birthday)
  • Items forgotten in a hotel room – 2 (a swim suit and a phone charger)
  • Fast Food Stops – 1 (It was on the last day and the kids weren’t doing well, had to be done.)
  • Car Screen Time – 50 minutes each
  • Total Cost – $3,978.54 (Roughly $600 of that was from our normal grocery and gas budget for this 2 week stretch of our life.)

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Random Questions with CY Innovations

MSF Preamble

Chris Yetter from CYInnovations was kind enough to my be second guest on my Random Questions series. I’ll let Chris tell you a bit about himself in a minute, but while reading his introduction to himself on his website I was reminded of a joke:

There are three types of people in the world: optimists, pessimists, and mechanical engineers. The way you can tell them apart is show them a glass half filled with water.

The optimist – It’s half full
The pessimist – It’s half empty
Mechanical Engineer – The glass has been manufactured to the wrong specifications

But all joking aside (for now) Chris puts his engineering mind to good use on his site and his posts are presented from a problem solving perspective. So if you’re trying to solve the problem of wasteful spending, Chris is the guy to go to. Or if you’re having trouble with time management, Chris has engineered a solution for you (see what I did there).

But enough of my ramblings, Chris my site is yours, take it away…Continue reading →